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Chairmen's Message (Hindi) Chairmen's Message (English)

These awards will felicitate those who have contributed to the field of agriculture and have made a difference to the world. A robust mechanism of identifying the best practices, innovators and good practitioners across India will be adopted to bring recognition to the backbones of the agricultural realm.

Farmers, traders, researchers, institutions and anyone who has made significant contributions to the field of agriculture will be considered for this award. After all, perseverance, determination and the efforts of those who strive hard to support the existence of mankind, deserves recognition!

Categories of the award
Farmers From the Fields – 12 Awards

Under this, farmers adopting progressive farming technique, any innovation in agriculture that they have brought in for their community will be considered. Total of 12 awards shall be considered for this. This segment will also include innovations in Milk Production, fruit production, poultry farming and sericulture.

Research Scientists - 6

Under this, individual scientists will be recognized for their outstanding contribution to agriculture research in last 2 years (The research should be validated by the Head of the Department of the Research Institute)

NGOs - 1

Under this Non Profit Organizations working towards development of the farming community shall be considered

Special Jury Award - 2

For an individual for a special life time contribution in the field of agricultural development

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