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International Business

With a strong R&D and registration department, Crystal Group has various under process registration and an equal number of completed registrations in various countries. We are exporters of Emamectin, Abamectin, Deltamethrin Tech., Cypermethrin Tech., Dichlorvos Tech., Alfacypermethrin Tech., Chlorpyrifos Tech., Triacontanol 0.05% EC, Atrazin 80%WP, Pendimethalin 50% EC, Hexaconazole 5% SC etc. to many countries including Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Philippines, Bangladesh etc.

Currently we are also working on expanding our exports to various other countries in South East Asia, Gulf and Africa as our priority focus regions. With various partners in these regions we are undertaking product registration at very rapid pace. We have a large number of dossiers available for various products with complete data of their chemistry, packaging, toxicity etc.

With a strong research and development department, Crystal is also involved in providing various agricultural solutions to number of countries. Based upon detailed analysis of the country’s climate, soil texture and chemistry, crops and vegetation we develop and provide specific agrochemicals suitable and effective for the country’s crop related problems.

For any international business related query you may contact :

Mr. Abhishek Khandelwal
Manager - International Business
Mobile: +91-9711860583, +91-8130377622
Email : abhishek.khandelwal@crystalcrop.com