Agri Care Activities

Crystal Group is committed to the cause of serving farmers for which several Agri-care programs that are beneficial to the farming community have been put into effect. We continuously invest in programs that are directed towards educating the farmers on right practices and new technologies enhancing the yield. The growing population and reducing arable land is demanding more agriculture production from each farm holding. Use of technology and better crop inputs has become inevitable for the farmers.

Farmer Training Programs
Crystal recognizes the importance of agriculture extension programs aiming at educating farmers to equip them with the latest information on crop management. Our focus is on educating the farmers on issues like correct and judicious use of plant protection agro- chemicals, proper and balanced use of fertilizers, proper seed treatment methods. We also conduct crop pest orientation programs where numerous scientists and industry experts from the company interact with the farming community. The agri-care programs comprise of scientific discussions based on research findings, adoption of new technology, interactive farmer experiences and practical problems faced by the farmers. Methods to overcome the problems by appropriate use of science and technology are discussed and taught to the farmers for better yield and results.

Village Meetings
The Agri-extension staff of the company regularly arranges village meetings in all states and educates the farmers about the pest and disease problems of their crops. Effective recommendations and appropriate solutions are provided on the spot, which are a very helpful to the farmers.

Yield Demonstrations
Under this concept, the company adopts a farmer’s field and undertakes the entire process, starting from the sowing to the harvesting technology. During the crop harvesting, the company adopted field is compared to the field where conventional methods were adopted. This is done mainly spread awareness about comparison in yield and the benefits of the technology.

Focus Group discussions
Our Agri extensions teams also engage in post and pre season discussion with farmers. We discuss with farmers from various crop regions and having varies land holdings to understand the challenges faced during the cropping season as well as their cropping plans and techniques for next season. This helps us in identifying their requirements and guides them from time to time.

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