The seeds business has 50.0 acres of Research and Development farms at three locations in Hyderabad (Telangana), Akola (Maharashtra) and in Abohar (North). The R&D farms are fully developed with infrastructural facilities like irrigation, latest and imported equipment for quality controls such as biotechnology, Seed Testing laboratories and Green Houses supported by well qualified & experienced breeders and technical staff.

To strengthen our R&D, cotton portfolio we also have tied up with MMB (Mahyco Monsanto Biotech) in 2014 for GMO traits like Boll Guard 1, Boll Guard-2 and commercially launched our proprietary HYBs from the year 2017.Across the Indian states. 

In addition to this we also acquired Cotton (trait approved) Commercial HYBRIDS (By GEAC, MMB) along with germ plasm from Rajkot based Cotton research company – SOLAR SEEDS to accelerate our reach to the Markets at faster rate.

 Infrastructure of R & D

  • Well maintained Research Farm of 50.0 acres
  • About 5000 SFT. Poly-house
  • Separate ginning & threshing facilities for Germplasm and breeding lines
  • Well equipped seed testing laboratory
  • Separate Dehumidified cold storage facility for Germplasm and Breeding lines
  • A modern high throughput biotech facility for molecular breeding, transgenic crop production and testing
  • State of art Biotech facility for testing the presence of Bt Gene
  • Insect rearing and leaf bio assay facility for assisting biotechnological research 

Our current pipeline of hybrid seeds are as follows:

  • CORN
    • Commercialised Hybrids: RMH 459, RMH 414, RMH 567, RMH 1818, RMH 1899, RMH 117, RMH 3492, RMH 333
    • Pipeline Hybrids at different stages of testing’s: 9241, 2829, 2525, 167, 9999, 108, 002 etc.
    • Commercialised Hybrids: Khajana, Punnami-9, Siddanth*, Avval and CCH-999
    • Pipelines Hybrids: CCH-03, CCH-06, CCH-09. All approved by GEAC.
  • RICE
    • Commercialised Hybrids: RHR-27, SPEED, RHR-405
    • RESEARCH VARIETIES: Divyasree, Amulya, Narmada, Divya, Deepika
    • New Pipeline Hybrids: CRH-30, CRH-06, CRH-92 etc.
    • RBH-279, Dhoom, Improved RBH36 and 909
  • SSG (Sorghum Sudan Grass)
    • Rasbhari Lal and Rasbhari Safed
    • Saras and Olivia
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